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Embellished Indian Potli Bag [Gold]

Embellished Indian Potli Bag [Gold]

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Indian Potli Bags For Parties, Wedding And Festivals, Pearl Gold Evening Bag , Drawstring Bag Embellished With Beads, Pearls, Seashells Stones

The potli bag holds a significant place in the cultural heritage of ancient Bhopal, linking back to early tribal traditions that crafted ornaments from various materials. Initially recognized by the Begums (Female Rulers), who added a Persian touch, the craft has evolved into an integral aspect of Nawabi Culture. Today, the beaded potli bags are part of the rich cultural heritage of the city which survives due to the devotion of a few senior artisans.

**Spacious Drawstring Bag:** 6 inches * 5 inches * 1.5 inches. The evening bags are spacious to accommodate mobile and other small accessories like car key, cosmetics etc.

**Closure:** This wrist bag has drawstring closure.

**The creation process of potli bags involves sketching the pattern on butter paper, then transferring it to rectangular cloth on a frame called ‘adda’.

**Delicate holes following the pattern are meticulously created with a needle. A solution of chalk powder and fuel is applied, seeping through the holes to faithfully replicate the pattern on the cloth.

**Next step involves using sewing needle and thread to meticulously stitch raised motifs adorned with beads, pearls, wooden beads with the duration spanning 10-12 hours depending on the design's complexity.

**Beaded tassels are created stitching circular and cylindrical beaded in a high quality thread. Wrist handle is created using beautiful pearls.

**The cloth then transitions to the hands of a tailor, who shapes and fits it according to specifications. The final touch includes attaching wrist handle, threads, tassels, drawstrings demanding an additional 2-3 hours of meticulous craftsmanship

**Versatile:** Potli bags/ drawstring bags are irreplaceable fashion accessories that women love to flaunt. From cotton to silk, brocade, or satin, you can get them in any material of your choice. These Potli bags come in different shapes, sizes, have drawstrings. These decorative and festive embellishment make them suitable for special occasions like weddings, prayers, festivals like Christmas, Diwali, Eid, Ramadan, parties, or any special occasion.

**Gift For Loved Ones:** This unique drawstring bag also make ideal gifts for daughters, mothers, grandmothers, colleagues, partners, students, girlfriends, brides, bridesmaids, wives, mothers' day gifts, valentines day gifts.

**Return Policy:** I gladly accept returns within 30 days. Please refer to our return policy for more details on the process and conditions.

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NOTE - Because of lighting, the actual color may be slightly different from the pictures.

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