Craft Bazaar: Celebrate Artisan Craftsmanship with Every Purchase.

Greetings to everyone! I'm Shachi, and alongside my husband, we're navigating the journey of raising two boys here in Seattle.

As a woman-owned business, me and my team take pride in our distinctive products. We prioritize ethical sourcing to protect people involved in our supply chain. Our commitment to quality is evident in production, ensuring each item receives individual attention and maintains uniqueness. Our designs and patterns are not only visually appealing but also timeless, reflecting our dedication to aesthetics. Every product we offer is crafted with you in mind, adding a personal touch to your shopping experience. Sustainability is at our core, and we actively support local craftsmanship, preserving traditional skills in our community. These values make our products truly special.

Explore our selection of handbags, bridal clutches, potli bags, embroidered jackets, shawls, ponchos, luxurious pashmina (cashmere), and elegant dupattas, belts, cotton short and many more.

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